Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy new year from the Computer Professionals Program Admissions Staff

Happy New Year

Computer Professionals Program Admissions staffThe Computer Professionals Program Admissions staff wish our worldwide family a successful, prosperous and happy new year. We look forward to working with many wonderful students to enroll in our MS in Computer Science program in 2010.

Admissions staff: Elaine (Director of Enrollment, from Canada), Maryam (from Iran), Samantha (from Hawaii, USA), Shefali (from India), Bahina (from India), Boris (from Russia), Greg (Director of Admissions, from Canada).

Thursday, December 24, 2009

What job positions are Compro students getting?

In the past few months, Compro students have gotten full-paying practical training jobs in US companies as:

.Net developer
C# Programmer
Database Administrator/Developer
IT Consultant
Network Administrator/Developer
Network Engineer
Quality Assurance Engineer
Software Engineer
Software Engineer in Test
System Analyst
System Engineer
Web Developer

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Useful links for prospective students

1. Maharishi University of Management, USA

2. Computer Professionals Program (MS in Computer Science) at MUM

3. Slideshow overview of Computer Professionals Program

4. Video & audio comments from international students in MS in Computer Science program

5. 2009 Maharishi University of Management report

6. Computer Professionals Program Video

7. See the MUM campus in these panoramas

Top 10 reasons for doing our MS in Computer Science program

1. Enroll in our accredited university with very small or no initial payment during your 8 months study on campus.

2. Spend up to 2 years in a full-paying practical training position in a U.S. company such as Microsoft.

3. Receive extensive financial aid.

4. Earn an average of US $50,000 - 60,000 or more per year during your practical training, and repay your loan before graduation.

5. Study one course at a time--for enjoyable, low-stress, unfragmented learning.

6. Develop inner creativity and intelligence by learning a scientifically proven technology for total brain development.

7. Learn from experienced faculty who have considerable work experience in industry.

8. Live and study in a safe, harmonious, progressive, family-like community.

9. Develop lasting friendships with students from more than 40 countries.

10. Return to your home with the knowledge and work resume that will significantly increase your job prospects and earning ability.