Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New website

The faculty and administration of MUM's School of Computer Science and Mathematics are pleased to announce a new website for our MS in Computer Science for Computer Professionals program.

* News blog
* New slideshow
* Upcoming events listing
* Photo galleries
* Alumni messages page
* Site map
* Department directory
* Campus mini-directory
* Comprehensive site search
* Improved graphics, design, and site navigation
* Built using state-of-the art content management system

Special thanks to graphics designer Shepley Hansen and web developer Craig Ridgley.

Come visit us at http://mscs.mum.edu.

Comments are welcome at masters.degree@cs.mum.edu.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Farewell event for October 2009 students

Recently elected Global Student Council representative Surendra Bajracharya organized a well-attended farewell event for October 2009 entry MSCS students who are currently completing their on-campus coursework. 75-80 students packed the shelter at Waterworks Park adjacent to campus in a celebration featuring lots of pizza, ice cream, sodas and other treats, along with music and dancing.

All afternoon cameras flashed, and students enjoyed each others company. Thank you Surendra for a fun-filled, family send-off for the students who will soon be leaving Fairfield for their curricular practical training jobs throughout the US.