Saturday, December 31, 2016

Study Data Science at #MaharishiU in 2017! New #DataScience Track

To prepare our students for the enormous growing global demands in Data Management, MUM is now offering a Data Science Track.

Study Data Science at MUM

According to MUM Computer Science Professor Emdad Khan:  
"Data Science, which dominates today's numerical data-driven world, is the key for the Next Generation Internet, which will be driven by text data, multi-media data, Intelligent Agents, and Machine Learning. In this environment, Natural Language Computing and Cognitive Computing capabilities will create many attractive applications."
Data Science (DS) is BIG business and the Computer Science and Mathematics Departments at Maharishi University of Management are now offering  a Data Science track for our students and graduates to prepare for careers as Data Scientists and Chief Data Officers (CDO) in the corporate world.

The Power of Data Science: (from Dataversity)

  • Has the capability to provide accurate solutions to business problems
  • Enables better business decisions and accurate study of the impact of such decisions
  • Can make more exact predictions about the future when both human intuition and experience fail

The limitations of science and technology that previously limited the power of Data Science are eroding, and the Data Management industry can expect some major changes to sweep through global Data Science practices in 2017:
1. Machine Learning to Rule the Industry
2. 'Internet of Things' Data Streams to Conquer Traditional Business Intelligence
3. Big Data Technology Spending will Boom
4. Hadoop Market  will Persistently Grow
5. Data Science will Dominate Healthcare Business Intelligence and Analytics
6. 25 % of Enterprises will Recruit a Chief Data Officer (CDO) in 2017

Current DS courses for Mathematics and Computer Science students include: Big Data, Big Data Analytics, and Machine Learning. In the near future we plan to add more courses including Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence.

For more information please contact:
Computer Professionals Program 
Admissions Department
Maharishi University of Management 
Fairfield, IA 52557 USA
+1 641 472-1153 

Friday, November 4, 2016

Ask your questions about our MS in Computer Science program for Computer Professionals on November 9th

*** Ask your questions about our MS in Computer Science program for Computer Professionals. Join us for our next group CHAT on CollegeWeekLive! Wednesday, November 9, 2016, from 9-11 AM. Find your local time at *** LOG in to CHAT at *** 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Monday, July 11, 2016

4 Computer Science Master's Graduates Receive Outstanding Student Awards at MUM

At graduation in June, Yasir Mukhtar (Pakistan), Asaad Saad (Syria), Rakesh Raj Shrestha (Nepal) and Rujuan Xing (China) received outstanding computer science graduate awards. Watch the video.

More than 160 MUM students graduated with their MS in Computer Science degrees, bringing the total to 1700 graduates from 80 nations since 1996. #MUMComPro #MUM

Special Photo of 2016 Maharishi University of Management Graduates

This photograph was taken June 18, 2016 on the site of the future Maharishi Vedic Observatory on the MUM campus. Photo by Jim Davis.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Celebrating 20 years of the Computer Professionals Masters Program at Maharishi University of Management

We are celebrating 20 years of the Computer Professionals Masters Program at Maharishi University of Management (1996 – 2016) -- please enjoy our new slideshow video at

We have close to 2000 graduates from 78 nations, with more than 900 currently enrolled students on-campus and doing internships around the US.

Best regards,
The Computer Science Department
Maharishi University of Management
Fairfield, IA 52557 USA
#MUMComPro #MaharishiU

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Transcendental Meditation Helps Active-Duty Soldiers Battle PTSD

Meditation Helps Active-Duty Soldiers Battle PTSD

Regular practice of transcendental meditation enabled active duty service members with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to better control their symptoms, a new study finds. While most participants experienced increased well-being, some found meditation helped reduce or even eliminate their use of psychotropic medication. The prevalence of PTSD in infantry groups deployed to Operations Enduring Freedom and…

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sahar Abdullah: Role Model for Women's IT Education

Most young women growing up in Yemen have few opportunities for higher education and professional jobs. But Sahar Abdullah's parents believe that higher education plays an integral role in personal development, so they strongly encouraged Sahar and her sister to continue education after high school.

Because Sahar was one of the top secondary school students in Yemen, she received a scholarship to study for her bachelor's degree in Egypt. Her love for programming and problem solving led Sahar to choose computer science as her major. At Cairo University she successfully completed her bachelor's degree in Computer Science and master's degree in Information Systems, and completed a Cisco diploma at American University.

After learning about our unique MS in Computer Science in a LinkedIn message from MUM, Sahar kept thinking that one master's degree was enough--but the idea for a second master's emphasizing OOP software development kept popping into her head. So she decided to research Maharishi University of Management and our MS in Computer Science for Computer Professionals program, and joined our Facebook group. When Sahar realized that many Arab students had happily and successfully enrolled in this program, she decided to apply, and was accepted for the October 2014 entry.

Happy at MUM

When she first arrived at Maharishi University of Management last year, Sahar's initial impression of the University was that everyone here was happy. She told her mother, "All the people here are smiling and saying hi!"

After a year on campus, Sahar reflects on the special nature of the MUM/Fairfield, Iowa community: "I really love this peaceful environment that I am in--an environment full of love, happiness and joy obtained from the incredible benefits of practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique. Just living in this community with international software professionals all doing TM together is an honor for me in itself."

Even though she is far from her parents and sister, and misses them very much, Sahar's family is relieved to know she is in a very safe and completely supportive environment at MUM.

Harmony in Diversity

"As a Muslim lady living in Fairfield, I feel that people around me are respecting me and others," says Sahar. "They treat me as one of them, despite the fact that I wear my scarf. I have never felt mistreated. Friends greet us on Eid (a Muslim holiday), and Eid prayers trips are arranged for us."

Top Academics

Sahar has also been pleased with the academics in the Computer Professionals program: "The program's high standards create a powerful motivation. I look to this program like a tree: You plant the seed, water it, and take care of it. As the knowledge grows within, you gain fruits forever. Every aspect of the academic program was the best either in moments of challenge, or moments of success. The courses were very challenging, but now that I am finished, I am ready for my curricular practical training internship in the IT industry."

Advice for Other Female Software Developers

"Nowadays, the biggest challenge for a female is to be employed and feel useful for society and herself. I would like to tell all female software developers who feel they are creative, full of ideas, and dreams, but have not found the appropriate ways to express their talents--at MUM you will get the support and knowledge to realize the best in your skills and competencies."

A Bright Future

In January, Sahar will begin her IT career as a Software Engineer at Intel in Oregon where she will be part of a product development engineer team. Her job will be transforming designs into competitive products, and testing development for microprocessors, system-on-chips and chip sets. We wish her great happiness and success, as we stay in touch with another special member of our world family.

#MUMComPro #MaharishiU #TranscendentalMeditation

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

MUM Student Software Competition to Promote Maharishi AyurVeda

Professor Anil Maheshwari

Computer science students will have the opportunity to win significant cash prizes by participating in a competition over winter break that will entail creating new tools such as smartphone apps for promoting Maharishi AyurVeda worldwide.

Called DevFest, the competition will be open to students in the MUM Computer Professionals Program and others. It will be a carefully structured seven-day on-campus event, and the activities will range from generating ideas and teaming, to developing the solutions and evaluating outcomes.

"We are very excited about bringing this new kind of a learning technique to MUM," said Professor Anil Maheshwari, the lead organizer. "The DevFest will also help develop new tools and channels to make Maharishi AyurVeda more accessible to the world."

All Computer Professionals students who choose to stay on campus during the Christmas break will be invited to participate, with about 150–200 expected to be involved.

Teams of 5–6 students will develop ideas and present them, and then will design and develop solutions based on their ideas. Then at the end, they will present their projects for evaluation.

The top three winners will receive awards. The entries will be judged on business readiness of the project, innovation of design, and technical readiness of the solution.  #MaharishiU #AyurVeda #MUMComPro

Saturday, June 20, 2015

108 New Students from 19 Countries Enrolled in our MS in Computer Science in May

These photos of our 108 new Computer Professionals students were taken with faculty at the end of their first course. The May entry includes wonderful students from 19 nations: Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Colombia, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, India, Iran, Jordan, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, and Venezuela. See more photos.