Friday, April 6, 2012

What are the hot Computer Science research areas?

Dean Gregory Guthrie
Someone recently asked, "What are the hot Computer Science research areas?" Here is what Dr. Gregory Guthrie, Dean of the Maharishi University of Management School of Computer Science and Mathematics, replied:

"The most active areas in computer science and the computing profession today are the areas of software development, and distributed and parallel computing. Software development including advances in programming languages is very important and interesting because the creation of large, complex, and correct software systems is probably the biggest challenge in the discipline and profession today.

In our curriculum we have courses in software development and software engineering, and a course in software design and design patterns and frameworks as basic tools and approaches to this area.

In distributed systems and software we have courses in web programming and distributed systems and architecture, and parallel programming. All of our faculty regularly monitor and work in these leading edge and advanced areas, and incorporate new developments in their courses. It is these new and advancing areas that make the study and application of computer science so interesting, and such a dynamic and active field to study and to work in!"