Monday, August 13, 2012

New MIS Professor Enriches MSCS Program

Dr. Anil K. Maheshwari

The MUM Computer Science Department is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Anil K. Maheshwari to the faculty. According to Department Chairman Dr. Keith Levi, "Professor Maheshwari brings a wealth of MIS knowledge and experience to our curriculum. His courses will provide students with real-world tools to link the needs of businesses with the development of their administrative and commercial software products."

As Associate Professor of Management Information Systems and Computer Science, Dr. Maheshwari has joint appointments in both the Management and Computer Science Departments. While teaching in both the MSCS and MBA programs, he will teach students how to bridge the gap between management and computer science, so that they better understand the rationale behind the software they develop. One of Professor Maheshwari's primary goals is to also develop an MIS certification program that our MSCS graduates can pursue to enhance their career potential. For more information please click here.